About MTK Shapewear collection

Well known for the exclusively designed MTK signature elastic waist which gives 360° support and full shape enhancement. Searching for years for the perfect body shape-wear with no luck Theodóra Elísabet decided to develop and design it herself. The first exclusive MTK shape-wear collection was launched in Iceland 2012. //

It all started Back in 2010 when it was a huge trend to wear leggings to all occations and Theodóra was tired of all the leggings and pants with the small, thin waistline band that was either too loose or too tight, so all the beautiful pants that was out there did nothing for the body figure other than rolling down or creating a unwanted sculpture lines. Theodora started of by designing a new waist pattern, she cut of the original waistline on the old leggings and sewed on her new waist part which gave the old leggings a new chance of exciting future! Soon her friends started to crave for the same comfy waist magic and she realised that everyone was dealing with the same problems when is comes to a pair of pants/leggings so she started to develop her own shape-wear collection with the MTK waist. It took over a year to develop the signature MTK 360° support fabric with the perfect features to fit and tone a women’s body in a comfortable and effective way.

Since then Theodóra has opened the first MTK store in Reykjavík, Iceland and gets the precious opportunity to be connected to the diverse wishes and needs of women to feel comfortable with added confident. She’s also been blessed with 4 kids of her own which have helped her even more in the development of new design of the MTK Shape-wear collection specially designed for Mothers in a modern society who wants to feel free but glamorous at the same time.

We hope you will enjoy our collection! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


You need to wear the MTK shape-wear 3-5 times before you get the final shape that fits your body perfectly. For the best result we recommend regularly adjustment of the MTK 360° support waist part while wearing the pants for the first 3-5 times. (Ajust and pull them up in the best position then they will learn how you want them to be, so please teach them well:))

***Please note that the waist part is VERY tight and tense for the first time of fitting. Don’t retreat !
The first time is a bit like a workout but after that it’s like a walk in the park !

The MTK pants are designed to be used every day without losing the spark – MTK is not a decoration for your wardrobe, if it happens, please give them to that someone that dares to wear them as often as possible !:)