MTK Jeans – High waisted – Blue


MTK® Denim

Are you craving for comfort, slimmer waist or just looking for a pair of trendy jeans with all the benefits ?

MTK® jeans are made out of 360° support denim® it gives you you that all around support, and they are made to flatter all silhouettes. Fully supported backside, slimmer waist and endless comfort with our signature MTK high waist.

The MTK 360° support denim is very stretchable and it also has a great “recovery” meaning they won’t bag out at the knees and butt. The fabric adapts to your body and it doesn’t put strain on areas such as the knees.

Jeans that feel like joggings! If you don’t believe us try ordering a pair, and if you are not satisfied return them within 14 days after delivery.

MTK jeans are available in variety of washes.