The MTK® SnapUP, one of our top sellers. They are the secret weapon to help you conquer whatever is on your agenda. Made from high quality matt material, with extra high waist for added support, and they won’t loose shape or colour. MTK snapUP comes with 5 buttonholes + buttons you can use to attach to your favourite bra easily and quickly for a full 360 ̊ support and toning, and an added benefit they give you that perfect smooth feeling throughout the day. They work perfectly underneath your office wear, for a night out or a big event. The magic is in our secret signature elastic + the MTK SnapUp system which allows you to adjust the support of the MTK elastic to suit your mood.

The MTK® SnapUP are unique because they have full function with and without the use of the buttons. The 5 button holes are there for you needs, if you feel like you need and want more support, toning and smoothing its very easy to attach them to your bra or top.

How to ?

  1. With buttoning only one button in the front ( the secret button ), they will support and toning your central aren throughout the day without any discomfort. Also applies same effects without using the buttons, by placing the SnapUp waist under your bra/top.
  2. By buttoning 3 buttons ( the secret button) in the front and one on each side, they will give you even more support and keep the stomach feeling more firm and toned all the way up to the bra area.
  3. Using all 5 buttons, they will give you a complete 360° support, up to your bra. The SnapUp support reaches its full effect all around you by shaping and toning your body to the fullest.

The MTK® SnapUP are perfect for new moms, we’ve had hundreds of comments and praise from women that have bought The MTK SnapUP® after giving birth. The benefits are numerous; Such as full support to the stomach area, specially after Caesarean section. The MTK® signature elastic also fully covers the stomach area which helps so many women to feel more comfortable when breast feeding wherever without feeling uncomfortable.

The MTK® SnapUP are made uniquely so that they adjust themselves to each woman. We highly recommend to wear them 2-3 times before start using the buttons, that way when you start to use the buttons the fabric has adjusted itself to your body and your experience will be the best possible.


You need to wear the MTK® shape-wear 3-5 times before you get the final shape that fits your body perfectly. For the best result we recommend regularly adjustment of the MTK 360° support waist part while wearing the Body Shaper for the first 3-5 times. (Ajust and pull them up in the best position then they will learn how you want them to be, so please teach them well:))

***Please note that the waist part is VERY tight and tense for the first time of fitting. Don’t retreat !
The first time is a bit like a workout but after that it’s like a walk in the park !

The MTK pants are designed to be used every day without losing the spark – MTK is not a decoration for your wardrobe, if it happens, please give them to that someone that dares to wear them as often as possible !:)